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About us

Aeon Communication Pvt. Ltd. (ACPL), headquartered at Navi Mumbai, was incorporated in 2011 and is in the process of building a comprehensive platform to provide Value-Added-Services over existing and upcoming communication networks in India. The solution works seamlessly over legacy cable television networks as well as the modern day fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) IP based networks.

Who We Are

  • A 'technology enabler' for operators, providing them with innovative ways to increase the ARPU.

  • A gateway for the content providers to appear on the customer’s 'preferred' screen.

  • A marketplace for the vendors to sell their products and remain 'highly visible'.


Our board of directors is graced by four experts from the industry with a huge wealth of experience and highly illustrious careers behind them.

Vijay M. Naik

Director, Aeon Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Vijay Naik has a distinguished career of about three decades donning leadership roles with insightful exposure to Business Development, Greenfield operations, Project Management, Network design and implementation, Business Acquisitions across various industries verticals of Telecom, Media, Entertainment, and Broadband networks.

Dhaval L. Mehta

Director, Aeon Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Dhaval Mehta is an advertising professional and has amassed over 31 years of experience by formulating 360° solutions to many renowned Indian and International brands. His core interest and expertise is in handling communication design and developing creative strategies. Presently he is steering his brain child kreate & young an advertising agency based in Mumbai as founder promoter.

Dr. Atul M. Naik

Director, Aeon Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Atul Madhavrao Naik has over 25 years of work experience in the field of media, technology and finance. Before founding Aeon, he held key positions in two of India's biggest corporate houses, Reliance Group and Sahara Group.

Ronald Samuels

Director, Aeon Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Ronald Samuels has over 30 years of Business Development and Marketing experience. He has worked at the CEO & COO level for over 20 years. With Aeon Mr. Samuels primary focus will be to take the lead in facilitating the global recognition and deployment of the Aeon OTT Set Top Box.

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Connecting People with Opportunities

At Aeon, we believe that there is no greater strength than the collective force of skilled, motivated and engaged employees who understand our business, improve each day, and strive to exceed our expectations. As such, we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining people who are passionate about delivering results and producing high-quality products for our customers.

We offer our employees opportunities to sharpen their skills every day through rich assignments, focused performance-driven training and a highly interactive, relationship-driven team environment. Our employees are exposed to a wide range of experiences and are encouraged to express their ideas for continuous improvement.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Aeon recognizes that a diverse, talented workforce is key, and we embrace other cultures around the world. As a result, our business success reflects the quality and skill of our people. It is our belief that the wide array of perspectives that results from a diverse, knowledgeable workforce promotes innovation and business success. With this, our employees are professional, inclusive and prepared to take on the business challenges that lie ahead.

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